Study MBBS in India

1. Minimum Marks

2. Lesser fees

3. No IELTS/TOEFL clearance required

Students from different countries come to study MBBS in India. However, they have a certain question always revolving in their minds. As they are coming to a new country to study, they may have questions in their minds. Today in this article, we will answer all their questions:

1.Minimum Marks:

Generally, to get admission to the MBBS course one has to receive some great marks in their class 12-science subjects. However, whereas the foreign students are concerned they just need to get 60% in their PCB. This is so achievable and flexible. Yes, India provides some provision for foreign students because they also take our students in their country with lesser marks. If you have any doubt you can always consult the very good and preferable Admission consultant in Abroad.

2. Lesser Fees:

Ok, now if any foreign student comes to study MBBS in India they will get an advantage in case of fees they just need to pay 4 lakh rupees in a year. To the foreign students, this amount is very low and they can pay this very easily.

3. No IELTS/TOEFL clearance required

While coming to India to get admission in Indian MBBS colleges, you do not need to clear IELTS/TOEFL. This is a blessing for the foreign students and they can easily get admission in Indian Colleges.

What Do People ask?

Which country is best for studying MBBS for Indian students?

A: For Indian students, China, Philippines, Nepal, Ukraine, etc are best for studying MBBS.

How can I get Admission in Medical College in India?

A: Clear the NEET and get admission to Indian medical college and it’s that simple.

Can I get Direct Admission in MBBS?

A: No there is no through and through direct admission criteria here everything is merit-based.

Find your path now: You just need to connect the best Education consultant in Abroad and soon you will get the way to get admission in Indian colleges.

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