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About MBIT to start with, MBIT is an idea, which places central focus on ambition. MBIT can be called an institution which has development and prosperity as its priority. MBIT combines Innovation and Technology in pursuit of Knowledge. At MBIT, it is strongly believed that knowledge is capable of bringing about great changes if it is given the wings of innovation and technology.

MBIT is the new voice for democratizing knowledge. Great institutions of knowledge in no time become the abode of the elite. MBIT vouches for knowledge that is free from all kind of barriers. We, at MBIT promise to fill the pertaining gaps in the field of knowledge.

MBIT is a new beginning. It aims at discovering and rediscovering the ultimate frontiers in knowledge. MBIT is ready to start a new tradition in the ever expanding sphere of knowledge.

The idea of MBIT is equally impressive even when we talk about it at the ground level.

It has an internationally acclaimed Advisory Council, supported by the Australia based ISoft Group.

A state-of-the-art 15 acre ‘green’ campus, a complex that has been built keeping in mind the finest architectural traditions of the world.

An Innovation Centre in academic collaboration with Australian Institute.

Course cum fee details

# Course Seats 1st Yr Fee From Next Yr Total Fee Cash Back Lodging Fee Fooding Fee Course Duration
1 B.Tech 20 100000 300000 400000.00 10000 2000 p.m 2000 p.m 4 years

Our Admission Process

The heart and soul of an institution like MBIT lies in shaping its academic characteristics with the right guidance as well as motivation. The academic motive of MBIT is based on our core philosophy and value system. As far as MBIT’s academic thoughts are concerned, a parallel can be drawn with the prevalent academic traditions across India and the rest of the world.

MBIT strives to achieve excellence in providing Education. MBIT programme are designed in a way that it effectively develops a variety of skills in the stream chosen by the student.

MBIT follows the credit system. A student has to earn a minimum number of credits to earn on the Degree.

The curriculum of Divided into Core courses and Elective Courses. While each student has to earn the required number of credits from Core courses mandatorily, earning credits in Elective courses is very flexible.

Our Placement Details

At MBIT, we are fully aware of the criteria that a B. Tech student is expected to fulfill. Hence, we take special care with respect to getting our students placed in the best environment possible. We strive to achieve the best possible placement for every student which compliments and recognizes the potential that a student holds within him.

At MBIT we will organize and facilitate all kind of supporting skills which will not only be helpful in ensuring placement / job but will also help the student in his future career as a professional

Placement at MBIT is not a one-time exercise. Rather, MBIT follows the concept and practice of mentoring. MBIT is there for the students not only when they are about to get placed in their first jobs but also when they need advice on career advancement and enhancement.

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