Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Deposited money (fee) will not be refunded in any circumstances.
  • 2. The students have to be submitted proper documents with Aadhar Card for higher education.
  • 3. The students have to pay money in proper way as per rule.
  • 4. If University fee is increased then students have to pay fee according to university fee.
  • 5. Whatever amount we take, it will be your tution fee only.
  • 6. Our Organisation is responsible for admission only, if any malpractice is done by students then college/University can take hard decision.
  • 7. If the students are financially weak then they can take advantage of "STUDENT CREDIT CARDS".
  • 8. The students have to appear in counselling in proper way so that college can be provided on the basis of their information.
  • 9. We are providing study materials also for some courses.
  • 10. If students do not pay fee within stipulated time then they will be liable to pay fine with fee.
  • 11. Validity of deposited registration fee is 7 days.
  • 12. According to universities and colleges pay skill , students will pay for Bonafide letter.
  • 13. Our counseling fees for per student Ten thousands to Thirty thousands ; counseling fees depend upon courses chooses by students.

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