Vision Of The Institution

The promoting Body views the future scenario to be of fast development in Technology and to keep abreast plans to provide higher education and training to the mass students who intends to acquire and develop the skills and this off course at a reasonable cost.

  • The Promoting Body of the Institution is committed to help the Indian industries in enhancing their competitiveness by producing leaders, entrepreneurs, and managers equipped with the diverse state-of-the-art technical knowledge.
  • It will contribute towards the professional growth and management of Indian industries in general and industries of Bihar in particular through acquisition of specialized knowledge and skills and by integrating classroom knowledge with practical experience.
  • It will encourage creativity, innovations, and quality in all its endeavors.

Mission Of The Institution

  • To promote Undergraduate, Training and Research in Engineering, Applied Sciences, Management Science, Humanities and Social Sciences with multi-level entry.
  • To be an Institute of Co-operative Programs of Education with Industries and R&D Organizations for offering tailor-made Courses.
  • To become a Research Institution with focus on �Technology Transfer�
  • To support a Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Park to promote the �Technology Transfer� programs.

Course cum fee details

# Course Seats 1st Yr Fee From Next Yr Total Fee Cash Back Lodging Fee Fooding Fee Course Duration
1 B.Tech 10 110000 330000 440000.00 10000 2000 p/ m 2000 p/m 4 years
2 DIPLOMA 22 80000 160000 240000.00 5000 2000 p/ m 2000 p/m 3 Years

Our Admission Process

  1. To provide sound knowledge of computing principles and their applications in scientific and engineering domains.
  2. To develop student's ability to analyze problems scenarios and evolve solutions involving selected areas of computing.
  3. To expose students to principles and practices of design and development of computing systems.
  4. To enable students to identify new computing trends and understand emerging technologies.
  5. To enable students to gain the ability to identify, formulate and solve challenging problems both in hardware and software systems.

Our Placement Details


The Academic Initiative Partnership Cell is a unique initiative of NSIT to provide quality in-house and plant training to their students before they are placed to companies.

In the present scenario of boom and recession our motto is not just to throw the students to various companies via placement cell in their final year, we are also to give them a quality training and education in order that they would groom so that they can enhance themselves for the corporate and industrial demands.

Placement is the bed rock of professional academic organization. it is the single most significant thread which moves in a cycle order starting form admission-academics placement. Everyone is dependent on the others. Quality of admission and quality of academics will directly enhance quality of placement. Placement in the institute is conducted under the aegis of the placement committee. Which is essentially a student's representative body guided by the Placement In-charge.

The NSIT, Bihta has the linkages with corporate world, You Perform, you placement is assured, as the NSIT management has the Experience of managing a MBA college 'NSIBM, Jamshedpur', which would be the positive point for the placement of student of NSIT, Bihta, Patna

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  • Address : AMHARA, BIHTA, PATNA-801118, BIHAR
  • State : Bihar
  • Country : India
  • Mobile : 8228000081
  • Website :
  • Management Type : Private
  • Qualifying Exams : jee

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