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Founded by the Jindal Education and Welfare Society, OP Jindal University (OPJU) was set up to bring high quality education to its students based on a world class curriculum, the latest teaching methodology and committed faculty members. The multidisciplinary university aims to develop young professionals and future leaders who will not only power growth and development in the state, but also make a mark globally.

At the core of the university's philosophy and approach lies the belief that students learn best when exposed to real world situations and when nurtured through enriching interactions with practitioners and professors. We at OPJU believe that every student has innate potential that can be unlocked through quality teaching and mentorship.


Pursuit of knowledge through experience is the cornerstone of O. P. Jindal University. We aim to build an institution where students learn by doing, where real world challenges find practical solutions and innovation happens not by chance, but by design.


In pursuit of its vision, OPJU will

  • Adopt an Experiential pedagogy across its programs, to make students understand the concepts and give them the ability to solve real world problems.
  • Embed liberal education to develop well rounded professionals who can work at multiple levels of responsibilities.
  • Leverage technology to enable teaching by faculty and practitioners from around the world.
  • Partner with world leading institutions, both from academia and industry to create an eco-system to meet the needs of the steel and affiliated industries.
  • Facilitate best-in-class student experiences through investment in technology, academic and residential amenities, and sports and recreational facilities.
  • Create an “Industry” focused environment to foster research to solve real world problems.


  • Measure success through student outcomes.
  • Foster an environment of academic freedom.
  • Maintain the highest standards on ethics and integrity in all its operations.
  • Develop sustainable practices and concern for the environment.
  • To remain accessible to all facets of society without consideration of economic status

Course cum fee details

# Course Seats 1st Yr Fee From Next Yr Total Fee Cash Back Lodging Fee Fooding Fee Course Duration
1 B.Tech 20 100000 300000 400000.00 5000 2000 p.m 2000 p.m 4 years
2 M.Tech 20 110000 110000 220000.00 5000 2000 p.m 2000 p.m 2 years
3 BBA 20 100000 100000 200000.00 5000 2000 p.m 2000 p.m 2 years
4 MBA 20 100000 100000 200000.00 5000 2000 p.m 2000 p.m 2 years
5 B.SC 20 30000 60000 90000.00 5000 2000 p.m 2000 p.m 3 years
6 M.sc 20 30000 30000 60000.00 5000 2000 p.m 2000 p.m 2 years
7 PHD 20 100000 400000 500000.00 5000 2000 p.m 2000 p.m 5 YEARS

Our Admission Process


Admissions at OPJU are open for a wide range of Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral programs in the domains of Engineering and Management with the motive of providing high-quality standards for academic, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The following courses are listed below:


  • 4 year full time B.Tech in all core branches (Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering).

  • 2 year full time M.Tech in Computer Science, Material Science and Technology, Power Plant Engineering and Energy Management, Power Electronics and Power Systems, Applied Mathematics and Computing.


  • 3 year full time BBA

  • 2 year full time MBA


  • 3 year full time BSc (Honors)

  • 2 year full time MSc

Doctoral Programs:

  • 3 year Ph.D in Engineering (Computer Science Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Applied Science & Humanities).

  • 3 year Ph.D in Management

  • 3 year Ph.D in Science

In order to promote deserving meritorious students we offer various scholarships ranging from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 75,000 on an annual basis. In addition to this we also provide scholarships of financial support for the educational grooming of economically poor students. 

Our Placement Details





The Career Services Office (CSO) of the University is a dynamic unit, which has been set up with the objectives of preparing students for life long career and help offering placement opportunities at University level. CSO acts as an interface between the industry and the students, and facilitate the campus recruitment drives of all the companies as per their requirements. CSO liaisons with industries and corporate organizations to provide suitable jobs and internship opportunities for all the candidates completing their studies from OP Jindal University


The University is able to achieve excellent placement record consistently on account of its best practices and innovative teaching-learning system. Entire career and placement activities are designed and driven by a highly qualified and competent team of faculty, who strive to bring out the best in each and every student.

Following is the snapshot for last 03 year’s placements -

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  • Address : PUNJIPATHRA, RAIGARH, (C.G.), PIN:49109
  • State : chhattisgarh
  • Country : india
  • Mobile : 8228000081
  • Website : opju.inurture.co.in
  • Management Type : Private
  • Qualifying Exams : jee

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