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To be a destination of choice for world class qualitative higher education and establish an institution of excellence and relevance, with a focus on creating competent professionals with sound domain of knowledge and skills and human values through knowledge pioneering scholarship, research and teaching and improve the lives of millions through growth, prosperity and sustainable physical environment.






Harmonize higher education with excellence in science and technologies, strongly integrated with human values of equality, compassion, sharing, contribute to livelihood security and sustainable societal development and to be recognized as a premium National University providing dedicated service for the social and economic growth and to develop as a "centre for excellence”.

Course cum fee details

# Course Seats 1st Yr Fee From Next Yr Total Fee Cash Back Lodging Fee Fooding Fee Course Duration
1 BA LLB 20 80000 240000 320000.00 5000 2500 p.m 2500 p.m 4 years
2 B.Tech 30 100000 300000 400000.00 5000 2000 p.m 2000 p.m 4 years
3 B.Ed 15 70000 70000 140000.00 5000 2500 p.m 2500 p.m 2 years
4 M.Tech 30 100000 100000 200000.00 5000 2500 p.m 2500 p.m 2 years
5 M.BA 20 100000 100000 200000.00 5000 2500 p.m 2500 p.m 2 years
6 M.CA 15 100000 100000 200000.00 5000 2500 p.m 2500 p.m 2 years

Our Admission Process

Admissions Rules

1.0 General

The University agrees in principle to admit Foreign Nationals/NRI students to the Postgraduate, Undergraduate and Ph. D. programmes in different fields on full time basis to provide educational opportunities to Foreign Nationals/NRI students and thereby generate resources for funding the cost of education and development of facilities.

2.0 Category of Foreign Nationals/NRI

Foreign Nationals /NRI students are categorized as follows

• Sponsored by the Govt. of India (through ICCR) on cultural exchange programme

• Sponsored by the home country of the concerned Foreign Nationals/NRI students and/or funding agencies

• Self-financing direct entry (with the clearance of Govt. of India)

• NRI students

2.1 Qualification

The eligibility required for admission to different programmes can be checked in detail from the prospectus or University website. The minimum educational qualification for admission of Foreign Nationals/NRI in various programmes is same as for Indians. Only those students who have qualified from Foreign Universities or Boards of Higher Education, recognized as equivalent by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) are eligible for admission. When required, a reference will be made to AIU to check the equivalent.

2.2 Requirement of Visa

All the Foreign Nationals/NRI students will require a student visa endorsed to only RKDF University for joining full time programmes. No other endorsement is acceptable. Students wishing to join a research programme will require a research visa endorsed to RKDF University. The visa should be valid for the prescribed duration of the course or for a maximum of five years. Study visa applications require an unconditional offer from a recognized Indian educational institute.

3.0 Admission

3.1 Admission Information

Student willing to join the University for various programmes will get the information about the application form, eligibility requirements, courses available and admission procedure from Eduzina.com or the website of the University.

Our Placement Details


Our Placement Details


The Training and Placement Cell (RKD.) conducts the placement activities covering semester project work and final placements. The Institute’s Training and Placement Cell (RKD.) assists eligible students. For this purpose the RKDkeeps effective contacts with the firms, maintaining and performing liaison work between probable employees and the Institute’s students.


TPO is responsible for-


1. Industrial relations and interactions for -


a)  Developing and maintaining close interaction.

b)  Organizing visit to Industries by students.

c)  Undertaking live projects / studies by the students.

d)  Inviting Industry key personnel to Institute for guest lectures.

e)  Undertaking training program, projects and consultancy for the industry.


2.  Organizing functions like alumni- meet, workshops and seminars .


3. Student’s personality development and grooming. For this the RKD. takes sessions for personality development along with training for -


a)  Communication (Spoken and written, Group Discussion)

b)  Personal Interview

c)  Resume Workshops

d)  Group Discussions


An active and dynamic programme of securing jobs for students graduating from the Institute is initiated by inviting industries of repute and other organizations to conduct interviews. Wide publicity of the activities of the Institute both from academic and extra-curricular point of view is given for the environment to identify our profile and the suitable talents available with us.


Events & Gallery


  • State : m.p
  • Country : India
  • Mobile : 8228000081
  • Website : www.rkdf.ac.in
  • Management Type : Private
  • Qualifying Exams : jee

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