Zhengzhou University

Zhengzhou University

ESTD : 1956 | TYPE : Government | AFFILIATION : who | RECOGNITION : mci

Brief Introduction

As a national key university funded by the Henan Provincial Government and the State Ministry of Education, Zhengzhou University was founded through the merger of three universities: former Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou University of Technology and Henan Medical University. Zhengzhou University has an abundance of resources. The University now has four main campuses occupying an area of 1070 acres, of which the New Campus comprises 799 acres. 

(1). History 

Zhengzhou University was established in 1956. It is the first university established by the PRC in Henan Province. In 1992, Huanghe University (Yellow River University) was merged into Zhengzhou University. On July 10, 2000, Zhengzhou University of Technology and Henan Medical University were merged into Zhengzhou University.

(2). Discipline and programs 

Backed up with a sound talent nurturing system, Zhengzhou University offers 107 undergraduate programs, 55 first-discipline master’s degree programs, 237 second-discipline master’s degree programs, 21 first-discipline doctorate programs, 124 second-discipline doctorate programs and at the same time 1 professional doctorate, 19 professional master’s degrees as well as 24 postdoctoral research stations. It also has 14 national high-quality courses, 14 national characteristic specialties, 210 national college student innovation entrepreneurship training programs, 5 national teaching masters and 2 national bilingual exemplary teaching courses. In addition, the university has 2 National Key Disciplines, and 214 provincial key disciplines, 4 disciplines (or fields) in top 1% of ESI ranking in the world. 

(3). Academic facilities and Scientific research 

Featured with a solid scientific research foundation, Zhengzhou University now owns more than 330 scientific research institutions of all levels/kinds, among which are 1 National Engineering Research Center, 1 National Technology Research Promotion Center, 1 National Chemical Safety Engineering Technology Center, 1 National Research Center for Safety Evaluation of Drugs, 3 MOE Key Labs, 2 MOE Engineering Research Center, 1 Key Research Base of College Humanities and Social Sciences sponsored by the MOE and the Province, 1 Sports Culture Research Base under the Sports Culture Development Research Center of the State Sports General Administration, 1 National Intellectual Property Training Base, 6 Henan Provincial Collaborative Innovation Centers; Provincial Key Labs, Engineering Technology Research Centers, International United Labs, Key Humanities and Social Science Research Bases, Provincial Universities and Colleges Key Principles Open Labs, Engineering Technology Research Centers, State Key Laboratory Cultivation Bases total up to 104, and provincial key scientific and research institutions total up to 125, which indicates a strong capability on basic research, application research and development of science and technology.

(4). Great achievements 

Since 2003, the number of the country's major, key projects and the National Natural Science Fund and other projects that undertaken by Zhengzhou University has grown rapidly. In the past four years, Zhengzhou University has undertaken more than 2000 scientific research projects at all levels. Among these projects, more than 200 items are of national level, 117 items are newly established projects of National Natural Science Fund, including one major project, one key project and 600 provincial key projects. A number of major scientific research projects have an important impact at home and abroad.

Since 2003, Zhengzhou University outputs more than 8000 achievements in scientific research (including papers, books), among which 1163 articles are retrieved by EI, SCI. the number of papers included by SCI in 2005 ranked top 35 among universities and colleges in China, the number of papers included by EI ranked top 50 among colleges and universities in China. 136 items won the second or above prize of scientific and technological progress awards of provincial level. The project “Key mechanical problems and calculation method of mould design in rubber products” presided over and completed by Professor Shen Changyu, and the project “The new exchange shell-and-tube heat equipment research and application of modern design technology” presided over and completed by Professor Liu Minshan and Dong Qiwu won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress awards; the project “Twelve carbon dicarboxylic acid synthesis of nylon 1212 industrial production and research” presided over and completed by Professor Zhao Qingxiang won a DuPont Award for science and technology innovation. Besides, Zhengzhou University applied 100 patents, of which 61 were patents of invention.

(5). Communication and international cooperation 

Zhengzhou University has cultivated an active academic atmosphere and established a good mechanism for extensive exchange and cooperation. It has developed a sound cooperative relationship with more than 20 famous universities and academic institutions including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and those in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It has also established intercollegiate cooperative relationship with nearly 170 universities from more than 40 countries, mainly the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Russia, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Finland, Ukraine, etc.


Course cum fee details

# Course Seats 1st Yr Fee From Next Yr Total Fee Cash Back Lodging Fee Fooding Fee Course Duration
1 MBBS 60 RMB -42,770= INR -4,26,685 RMB -42,430 =INR 4,23,285 RMB-2,12,490=INR-2,124,900 INR-10000 lodging included first year package RMB-100=INR-6,500 5 YEARS

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i).Minimum age to apply is 17 years by 31st  Dec of the admission year.

ii)Minimum percentage required to apply is 50% in the subjects Physics,

   Chemistry, and Biology for General Category and 40% for reserved

   Category for Sc,St and OBC.

iii).A Valid Passport          



Our Placement Details


National Key (Cultivation) Disciplines
1.Condensed matter physics
2.Materials processing engineering
3.Ancient Chinese history
4.Organic chemistry 
5.Chemical technology
6.Pathology, Pathology and physiology

National Key Research Institutions
1.National Engineering Research Center for Rubber Plastic Mould Technology
2.National Center for Research and Popularization for Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Technology
3.International Collaborative Research Center for Micro-nano Moulding Technology
4.International Collaborative Research Center for Cell and Gene Therapy
5.International Collaborative Research Center for Intelligent Design of Low Carbon Environmental Protection Materials
6.International Collaborative Research Center for Cancer Chemoprevention
7.State and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Major Infrastructure Inspection and Repair Technology
8.National Chemical Safety Engineering and Technology Center

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Zhengzhou University

  • Address : 100 Kexue Ave, Zhongyuan Qu, Zhengzhou Shi, Henan Sheng, China, 450066
  • State : beijing
  • Country :
  • Mobile : 8228000081
  • Management Type : Government
  • Qualifying Exams : neet

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